What is herbal medicine for dogs and cats?

Canine and feline herbal medicine is a good way to prevent certain health disorders and preserve the well-being of dogs and cats. However, it cannot generally replace classic allopathic treatment in the context of serious pathologies. In this case, it can be used as a complement, that is to say combined with traditional medicine, because its natural virtues are ideal for relieving the side effects of heavy treatments.

Furthermore with its clear plant-based composition, it is more reassuring for dog owners who know what they are administering to their little companion.


Phytotherapy, a healthy and natural solution for the well-being of our pets

Phytotherapy uses fresh or dried medicinal plants in its oldest and most traditional form. However giving your animal medicinal plants to consume is not optimal, because it is necessary to extract the active compounds from plants beforehand to render them bioavailable for your pets.

While it is possible to prepare plants yourself for your dog, it is recommended to leave this task to botanical experts, because many plants look similar and poisoning can very quickly occur. 

It is therefore better to opt for specialist preparations, the origin of which is known.

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